Question & Answer 3 – Daniel Owen

Question 3

The woods, in glory and loss,
are tossed in ignorance and live
lively, lovely, always us, in stars
and constellations to confirm our
lost. I never plan on losing the road
but when I do I paint my arms
in nuclear code. Do you live safe
or safely live lost? I am wed to the idea
of a miner’s life, though my county
has lost the tin and lost their way
by swinging right and choosing wrong.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

All the woods harvested
the forrest tossed
the tin excavated
constellations lost to perfect
grids of translatable crops

I don’t live except in mouse-
holes mouthing history off
watching the bananas ripen
from a far vantage – the shape of
the moderns’ cruelest wishes

– Daniel Owen


Question & Answer 5 – S. J. Fowler

Question 5

Where is the technology
to heat
our cold wvaes of de w wa
waves of deltsa ds
delta slee?
delta sleep?
where is the techngolo
technology to count oiur sleep
so sleep
so sleepy
to count our sleep
in the weight wie
weight og snow in the
of snow in the delta sleep.
give me your the
Give me your technology
so I can breathe.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 5

perhaps the most important search
is within an unknowable
forked by letters
that become digits
then back again into letters
spell out
known interactions
It’s useful to have

Problematic Internet use is also called compulsiveInternet use (CIU), Internet overuse, problematic computer use, or pathological computer use (PCU), problematic Internet use (PIU), or Internet addictiondisorder (IAD)). Another commonly associated pathology is video game addiction, or Internet gaming disorder (IGD).

An abbreviation is a shortening of a word or a phrase. An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a word. An initialism is an abbreviation that uses the firstletter of each word in the phrase (thus, some but not all initialisms are acronyms).

Problematic Internet use is also called compulsiveInternet use (CIU), Internet overuse, problematic computer use, or pathological computer use (PCU), problematic Internet use (PIU), or Internet addictiondisorder (IAD)). Another commonly associated pathology is video game addiction, or Internet gaming disorder (IGD).

It’s useful to have
known interactions
spell out
then back again into letters
that become digits
forked by letters
is within an unknowable
perhaps the most important search

– S. J. Fowler

Question & Answer 4 – Tom Jenks

Question 4

Bit off / bite down / yes
direct / a bite at the bitten /
a quarrel / query the bitten /
thumb / thumb the quarrels /
keep the biters / in charge /
charging at / the prone / the
victims of the thumb / of the
crush / of the bitten thumb /
do you bite your thumb /

– Aaron Kent

Answer 4

yes, I bite my thumb at you, sir
and all the other lesser digits:

the one I use to test the wind
the one I use to plug the dykes
the one I use to raise the dead
the one I use for difficult winkles

Anne Boleyn had an extra one
you can see it on her Instagram

and her little lapdog lost in the maze
and all the bright comets painted and wooden

– Tom Jenks

Question & Answer 1 – Elizabeth Scanlon

Question 1

When I dove two hundred odd meters
below sea level
I found creatures that both should and shouldn’t
and I knew we should stop playing God.
Stop categorising
mother nature as if a library book on how to
read unicorn
dreams, or pull the fantasies from old skulls.

I threw myself head first into nuclear
and waited for the fall out to firm out,
pull me back
to that old tin mine town where all my dreams
could go to die
like my fathers and his fathers and his fathers
before him.
Where do your dreams go to die? Or get resus

citated? The road lead to my wife, and our
daughter, and
too much ER too close to the due date.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Everything in your dream is you,
in the Jungian mode, so you learn
to say, if say, you dream of a lion eating a turkey club,
the lion part of me is eating the turkey part of me club part of me,
to crack the code of the sleeping brain.
The lion-me wakes hungry every day and wants
to run back to the savannah to loll in tall grass.
The turkey talks jive. But the club part of me, oh the club –
it will beat you with the longing to belong.
The dream is to wake before dying.
You are not you, I am not only I, not even
in my dreams.

– Elizabeth Scanlon

Question & Answer 2 – Verity Annear

Question 2

We haven’t had sunlight in our house
for eleven months
and I never sunburn anymore –
never peel my skin in a mizture
of thrill and frenzy.

I order decaf soya Americano too,
hold the decaf,
hold the soya,
extra shot of espresso.
My body will hate me for it tonight.

But the prazosin
and the melatonin
will help.

Did shouting about Brexit help?
I want to write begging letters
to Europe
and tell them I still love them,
it’s not them, it’s them,
and I’m not with them.

The future
looks bright
looks red.

Keep shouting, Verity,
and one day we can write poetry
about how we raised our voices
against the blue tide
and xenophobia
and maybe

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

Truth be be told,
My names origin in fact,
I miss the darkness,
I miss the cold floor of my cottage
and the duck down duvet,
Now my dorm room is full of traffic lights beaming
and freshers…

How was your espresso shot?
I picked up a hat whilst shopping that said,
‘I need coffee’
I’m allergic to caffeine,
I put the hat back.

The sugar keeps me going,
A can of Fanta at 2AM,
From the common room vending machine,
I flip open the cold source of energy,
The fizz feels like a frenzy,
You could call it a high,
Though I heard sugar is the world’s deadliest killer,
Above drugs and booze,
But will I stop?
My poor dentist,
probably not.

Shouting about Brexit did not help,
But what I did learn today is,
I’m going to write to my local MP,
There are too many tweets,
And not enough letters,
It’s so sad that it takes hashtags to sort out life long social issues,
So I’ll pick up my pen,
Once again,
To try and make a difference,
I hope you do the same,
After all, our most powerful weapon,
Is our pen,
Because our words,
Can change everything

– Verity Annear

Question & Answer 1 – Lauren Elkin

Question 1

I grew up as the Laurel
to an alcoholic Hardy –
a man who pressed plates
into walls like I pressed
Hungarian stamps onto
the back of my sailor’s heart.

Are your memories sepia,
or seeping into your retinas
during REM sleep? We
retain each other’s tastes –
peanuts, and lemonade,
but not our airs and graces.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

I was reading something recently about someone who tried to get through childhood as quickly as possible, I can’t remember who, and that’s a bit how it was for me, avoiding the kids with Cheetos mouths and Doritos fingers, trying not to get their ick on me, ready for the day when I could be on my own and not have to go where I was told and see who I wanted and talk to them about whatever I, they, we wanted.

And then I was reading something else recently about families and the way they echo each other and it made me think about how I have my mother’s airs and graces and my sister has them too and if you heard one of us on the phone you wouldn’t know who it was, the mother of two on Long Island, the younger daughter a Manhattan lawyer or the older daughter who’s French now and lives in Paris, we all sound the same, and when it comes down to it, mother, lawyer, writer, we say much the same things, too. It made me wonder who else on our family tree, what long silent voice had our voice, or is it just the three of us voicing a sound no one will make again?

– Lauren Elkin