Question & Answer 7 – Charlie Baylis

Question 7

Your house isn’t worth the matches I lit on the sun.
Your house couldn’t get into the Paris Review.
Your house is made of left shoes and resentment.
You’ve spent too much time trying to count the pop charts.
You could never go past 100, Charlie, could you?
You are clearly out of touch – Taylor Swift is out.
You don’t know – apparently Ed Sheeran is the current big thing.
You don’t hear him on the radio every day it seems.
Your iPod is dysfunctional, it is a bad night at a family dinner.
Charlie, you’ve been on the charlie too much, charlie Charlie.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 7

considering most poets are self obsessed wankers
i greet you at the start of a glittering car
trip down the m1 to buy yourself birthday flowers

considering most poets on this site masturbate to their interview
starring into a mirror miming ‘pretty eyes, pretty eyes’
do i really want to be associated with such clowns

aaron the yokel… ain’t but laid a glove on me
you are a pussy…….aching to be painted pink
i’ve no petrol for you…….take your cap and your questions
…………………………you’ve peaked

– Charlie Baylis

Question & Answer 2 – Carrie Adams

Question 2

The tiniest places I know
exist in the borders of my flower bed,
my waste of time – shades – grows into weeds
in youtube weather documentaries.

There is still blu tac on the wall
where the last group hung
their educational psychology.
What would you stick there?

I cancelled hypnotherapy.
My wife was ill.
I panicked about false memories.
We had no car.
I ran to the shade.
I drew a picture of empty space.
I lived among the ants.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

Before the storm blew in
we were sticky in the door frames
trying to catch flight like spiders
on a gust of upward escape

What would you stick
like funnel clouds in the empty landscape
of my childhood
Some folks keep going back there

Convinced that the shade of memory
Can be removed one pinch of dirt at a time

– Carrie Adams

Question & Answer 1 – Amanda Butler

Question 1

Angelic mothers
the size of a broken librarian
reading Murakami
and you.

First act
a robot doctor
walks the streets of Spain
……..the sun
and you.

Fission nuclear
the side of desperation
and you, what do you

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Behind my eyes I
see the
sidewalk that might have been clay
under my

The shape of those imprints would be different
had I started reading Murakami
for an hour before going
to the
……..shoe store.

Maybe I should get sunglasses. Maybe
I should tread lighter. I can’t
help that there is a Viking
in my

– Amanda Butler

Question & Answer 6 – Anthony Desmond

Question 6

I wish I’d swung a baseball bat
at fluorescent lights –
tore the basement down.
Every day I fear being a disappointment,
and fear seeing my father’s face
in the back of spoon.

How do you cope
with genes you
wish you didn’t
have to wear?

Hum the song, Anthony,
find the lyrics
and turn your mirrors
back to sand.
Remind yourself of the hourglass
our fathers gave to us.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 6

The mirror has been love’s landscape,
as of lately, but droughts can leave
circles of weeds like a hole in a tray
of cigarette butts. This is where my
insecurities pool; the ashes of
my ancestors aren’t enough to
affirm my beauty in these moments.

– Anthony Desmond

Question & Answer 4 – Jeff Alessandrelli

Question 4

Last night
I tried
to hoard
the weighty
of your moon(!)

[B]ut the heaps
of never
in the heart
of our study
hung barbecued

in our cavernous
lungs (LIVER!)


Sweet little victories
reside in
discovery –
find the moon,
find Miles Davis,
find broken arms.

Don’t you despair
at family
gathering dust
under the tone[-]arm
of some old
broken turntable?

We never speak,
Jeff, we only talk.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 4

Q: Why don’t I make a lot of money?

A: You do not do what other people want. (A victory-less antihero, no?)

Q: What do they want?

A: Another person I hate is time, fatherly, in a family way, the discovery that you’re a different person from moment to moment, place to place.

Q: It’s a victory of some sort though, no? One gibboned with unintelligible despair and the physicality of relief. Age is a type of money. Allows the—

A: I do not want to grow old, gathering dust in my heart’s multi-chambered ventricles. Thousands of—

Q: You’ve an ego on you.

A: We only speak in these words and sentences. In a silent way, bluster isn’t talk.

– Jeff Alessandrelli

Question & Answer 2 – Lavinia Singer

Question 2

Angels the size of houses cannot hide
……..from widowed giants
…………….behind the opium of
……………………onopordum acanthium.

With hammers and mallets and whales,
……..there are excuses
…………….to shatter the crown
……………………of Cornish kings.

Have you bitten into the wrath and warfare
……..of gently sewn duvets?
…………….Lain in molten grass
……………………amongst a jury of dead roses?

In comatose sleep and glorious daydream
……..the world still pivots
…………….on a gentle axis
……………………while fairytales burn.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

[Full Moon
Wednesday 10 May 2017, 22.42]

Skin on the ash tree
Fur in the wound
Light shifts red
The dart hits true

No house but heaven
Not bit but swallowed
Not gentle but shocked
No sleep but slain

– Lavinia Singer

Question & Answer 1 – Safia Elhillo

Question 1

I’m lying when I tell people
I want to sink into the night sky
and bleed my veins into Budapest,
I’d rather decompose
into the architecture of my broken
tin mine town,
and lose my senses
in the fragments
of my memories
of Raymond Road,
and the reservoir.
How do you want
to fall apart?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

i want to fall apart like smoke unspools itself
or in the ocean…..suspended like my rotting heart
inside my own liquid chest…….i want to disappear
like so many girls before me……color of night &
camouflaged by its shadows……color of forgotten names
language of lost words…..lost girls… disappear is
my inheritance…..& i citizen my own absence….pledge
allegiance to the aperture i pray to leave behind

– Safia Elhillo