Jennifer Edgecombe

Question 1

I write pikkutrapp / trapped
irate / rate / raise a barn/
owl / öwllwö / covered
in paint / pain / glass
shattered / as mattered /
dark matter / does it
matter / question mark
/ at all / atoll
/ a toll to pay / bridge /
no e / bride / I will wear
gold / bow tie / pocket
square / hip / hipster
slow drip / robusta
blend / robust /
espresso / sunday mornings
/ coffee shops / work
to pay / for a road /
in France / my daughter /
soon / a road in France /
and to kill / a mocking /

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

[Dear Öwllwö,

Pikkutrapp trapped,


O wow, Öwllwö!
Patter due! Pure reap reap.
A toll perk, toll

I applaud proud trowel.

……..A pipped apple.

……..Little tulip.



Paper due. A trapp trap. Duet.
U are latte rapper, idea aerator. I
wallow, purport writ!

Outlook auto,
……..workup ritual,
…………….tweak order.
A taut utopia.

A poor warp tatter word prattle lip rattle PULP!

O, owl woe.
Our toil a trial a trade, Öwllwö.

A door to a loopier road.

– Jennifer Edgecombe

The poetic interview with Jennifer Edgecombe will be posted soon. Keep checking back.