Jeff Alessandrelli

Question 1

Apparently I died some sixty
years ago. At least that’s what
my brother will have me believe.
I picture him awake oh
eight hundred hours. All six and a half
foot of him, desperately rehashing
my life. With his legs crossed
somewhere near his tits, he tries to fight
the sun in name only, humiliate the enemy
verbally. He has Nike pumps,
is playing for the away team. Hopes
that five dollars and three quarters
is enough to pay his way. I feel like phoning
him, telling him to go ahead
erase my history, kill my humanity,
I watched him walk into the world,
straight into an empty chamber. Blood isn’t thicker
than water, it’s just a different
colour. How do your family see you, Jeff?
Are you left behind by their rapture?
Or do you embark with them? I’ve seen
my brother’s comet streak
and I don’t wish to jump aboard.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

I live in an airless room,
a yearbook photo,
a sock puppet
blossoming with holes.
The room’s silence
is predictably suffocating,
full of judgment—
but it’s a pleasant stifling
one I’ve grown
used to. You can
pick your friends
but not your family
and this lack
I’ve made my own,
all my own.
I don’t want money
like my sister
or fame
like my brother
or glory
like my son—
I just want
to be whole.

– Jeff Alessandrelli

Question 2

Somme / ambulance / somnambulant
lock my eye / I / Kendrick’s butterfly
my room / our room / room to breathe
brother / sister / hidden in Redruth
quality assurance / has no definition / blank
prozasin / promethazine / weird dreams
do you / Jeff / dream of words
a rainbow / cut open / sharpened knife
the charms / rock our genes / in fitful sleep
this world / I love / Elliott saying yes
map / maap / maapmaap
drawing crosses / kross’d sleep / krossdeath
fade the pixels / picture melts / pictorial
häfttack / cover me in tacks / pins and needles
valerian / valium / vahalla

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

To be alive
is to fetishize

its invisibility, present
only in its absence. Mapping
the months, Gregorian

calendars were once
sun-drenched Mayans

were once nameless
nations skipping stones
across every lake’s surface,

counting the instants
between each eternity’s
flightly stutter.

(Darkly, I’m sleepwalking
in a daydream
comprised solely of nightmare.

And blood,
I’m addicted
to my blood.)

The Yeah Yeahs
backing Kendrick Lamar
opening up for Elliot Smith—

Just because I imagined it
doesn’t mean
it didn’t happen.

(Kris Kross, Kris
Kross, Daddy
Mack, Mack Daddy.)

– Jeff Alessandrelli

The poetic interview with Jeff Alessandrelli is in progress.