Question & Answer 1 – Safia Elhillo

Question 1

I’m lying when I tell people
I want to sink into the night sky
and bleed my veins into Budapest,
I’d rather decompose
into the architecture of my broken
tin mine town,
and lose my senses
in the fragments
of my memories
of Raymond Road,
and the reservoir.
How do you want
to fall apart?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

i want to fall apart like smoke unspools itself
or in the ocean…..suspended like my rotting heart
inside my own liquid chest…….i want to disappear
like so many girls before me……color of night &
camouflaged by its shadows……color of forgotten names
language of lost words…..lost girls… disappear is
my inheritance…..& i citizen my own absence….pledge
allegiance to the aperture i pray to leave behind

– Safia Elhillo