Question & Answer 1 – Mahogany Browne

Question 1

Do you write outside poetry?
I’m currently working on a screenplay,
and some essay for a course I see as a necessary
evil, and have thirty odd ideas for novels
I know I’ll never write.

The screenplay is a horror
flick, some broken dream based on my time
as a submariner – a period I try to forget
by talking about it every Thursday,

talking about the SONAR suite,
my hate for nuclear weapons, and the radiation
of a lack of a consent still pressed tight

…and time’s up, my screenplay is no further
along, I’m bawling in the street
and I still wish I had found the emotion
in a father-son road trip script

that never panned out.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

If I can write
I do

If I can write
I do

Today, there was a poem waiting to be picked up, dusted off
shined real good.

And all I could do was answer emails.
I found you there, waiting to be seen
waiting to be seen
If I can write
I do

If I can write
I do

If I cannot write
I scour the lines of my face
look for my mother’s daughter
look for my father’s regret
look for a way into the maze:
the place where I lose all the men I love

– Mahogany Browne