Question & Answer 3 – Logan February

Question 3

The snow is always lighter
than the weight of the world,
don’t you think? I count my
gains in Saturn’s satellites,
and my losses in the shape
of bougainvillea. It’s always
Anthe and anti, negativity
in the form of an optimistic
outlook. And I know things
have gone wrong when we
have no garlic bread left.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

I know things, too. But not snow. I know
I am not from a cold, wet place. I know
I am a cold, wet thing. I know how to be
my lover’s very own idyll. An endless prairie,
yellow with heat & daisies. The ground
rises, then folds itself in two. The line
between my lips is where it all went missing.
I’m bloated with my secrets—I keep them
even from myself. This, too, I know.
If I have lost anything, I do not remember it.
If I am heavy, it doesn’t matter. I am floating.
Sometimes, the sun seeps into me
& replaces the chill. & I know I want to speak,
so I keep my mouth full. & I know my lover
wants to know, so he hides the food.
& I’m starving. & I know things have gone
wrong when we have no garlic bread left.
My mouth is as bleak as a winter, empty.
My confessions are creeping up my throat.

– Logan February


Question & Answer 2 – Logan February

Question 2

I keep sending people
black and white photos
of bioluminescence,
and forgetting nobody
gives a shit about the day
I swallowed my weight
in acid rain so I could
wash his stench from
my jeans and his sweat
from my lips. What days
do you keep remembering
even though you want
to forget? I went deaf
for weeks too, Logan,
covered my ears in sheet
music and learnt to play
my tears in the wrong key.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

I, too, wear my trauma on my lips,
then go around kissing crooked boys

who don’t have names. Yes, I’m
that good at forgetting. Once, I went mad

& didn’t tell anyone. What was I to say?
A hemorrhage, but also not. My eyes

bloodshot, my head swimming. I was
high on mania, what a scene I made.

A body cascading off a pinnacle, with all
the grace in the world. So clean & slow.

So I kept it to myself, found a boy
to hold my memories. Left so much

smoke in his hands, right there outside.
Everyone was watching. I didn’t care,

I gave him my trauma & made him sing.
& when I danced, I danced in the rain.

I’m sorry you didn’t get to hear the music.
I danced until I had my back pressed

against the fogged glass of the windows.
Somehow, the boy went missing & took

my song with him, & despite all of their
eyes, the people were as shocked as me.

– Logan February

Question & Answer 1 – Logan February

Question 1

How do you
……..find yourself
……………………your weaknesses?

I arrived with the dolphins,
……………………held together by relief.

I embodied all those weaknesses,
……..locked my fears away
…………….with the paramedics
……………………burning all my bridges

-Hollis, F-

on the wrong side of the road.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Let me be precise & say some burning
bridges are certain of their brilliance.

I’ve seen a spine shake its shadow
as though it were a blanket being tackled

with legs. Lighter fluid crawling over
each swell & dip, with a burn stalking the trail.

& so what, if the water under the bridge
starts to boil. Twist spine / contort.

A flurry of birds, evacuated. The immolation
keeping me bright, marvelous, then gone.

My weakness grows upon the engulfed spine,
so I cannot look it in the eyes. Which is to say

it has eyes / has ears / & a mouth, frothing
with boiled river. I become vapor / become

victim / never hearing anything / about fear.
So I arch neck / contort / go deaf for weeks.

The song stays banished & the smoke
keeps close & familiar.

– Logan February