Question & Answer 3 – Daniel Owen

Question 3

The woods, in glory and loss,
are tossed in ignorance and live
lively, lovely, always us, in stars
and constellations to confirm our
lost. I never plan on losing the road
but when I do I paint my arms
in nuclear code. Do you live safe
or safely live lost? I am wed to the idea
of a miner’s life, though my county
has lost the tin and lost their way
by swinging right and choosing wrong.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

All the woods harvested
the forrest tossed
the tin excavated
constellations lost to perfect
grids of translatable crops

I don’t live except in mouse-
holes mouthing history off
watching the bananas ripen
from a far vantage – the shape of
the moderns’ cruelest wishes

– Daniel Owen


Question & Answer 2 – Daniel Owen

Question 2

…I’ve seen that triangle,
Daniel, have you?
I’ve seen it do spiteful things.
It tore me from my house
and gave me to the universe
so I could be shredded into stardust
and used as bath bombs.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

the triangle’s absence
amounts to the same star
that houses the triangle

when I dust I turn
my back to dust
when I wake in a square
I regret that it’s not
all other squares

preferring to turn stickiness
into elasticity
I go out to the ignorant woods
and pretend to touch a leaf

– Daniel Owen

Question & Answer 1 – Daniel Owen

Question 1

I drew the owls from the
depths of my mind on the suitcases
strewn across the hallway
like heaven in a pack of crayons.
Is it ok to fight sometimes?
To squabble in the depth of a well
over whose line had the better resolution?

I pay attention to the throne,
the way I speak my working class
as I sing messages of martyrdom,
insomnia, desire.
So even when she screams, I know
with closed eyes she is God in third trimester.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

It’s ok to fight sometimes
even when, speaking, the
message becomes its third
point and one sees
one speaks a triangle
in the long lines of
revolutioment, searchable
and embarassed.

– Daniel Owen