Question & Answer 1 – Teige Maddison

Question 1

Amba Geshen
Amber Gershwin
Amara – bound
Mount Amara – Abyssinia
Snakes again
Against stakes
Never my DNA
DNA a stamp
Or a plant?
Heirs to a throne
Heaven never wanted
To overthrow
Be overthrown
Foul ball
Imprisoned – in prison
Prisoner as Takla
True cross
Amba Geshen.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Dear Poetry,
look out of your windows
take off the latch
slide through the empty mouth
so your legs hang into the living room
and your arms curl around the window’s lip.

now lean backwards into the looming
drop behind you.

know that some poems live like myth,
falling into the sea,
waves rolling on unconcernedly.

also know that others live as songs of harmony,
others mind-pits for torture, others self-aggrandising
wanks in the mirror,
others canonical pillars, others rot in desk drawers,
others never to be seen, others etcetera etcetera.

Dear Poet,
Dear Poem,
Dear Poetry,

look out of your windows,
take off the latch and slide through
the empty mouth into the looming drop below-

Have trust that your legs won’t break.

– Teige Maddison

Question & Answer 6 – George Szirtes

Question 6

Yellow overdue uranium
where evil resides eventually.
let everything turn dour or wasteful. Noon.

Are newspapers dead?

act, media

– Aaron Kent

Answer 6

The code words in the system
Are pure guesswork. How long do we have?

The radioactivity in stones
Can be measured in units of light and ice.

The waste remains, the journals rattle on.
The dead are overdue, the cowards.

Evil considers its fingernails. It is
Urgently seeking an amendment.

Uranium! We have struck gold!
This is the noon we have been waiting for.

– George Szirtes

Question & Answer 4 – GFOTY/Polly-Louisa Salmon

Question 4

I was told never to write of ghosts,
that the cliché only brings the work
a haunting that all the symbolism
in the world could never evade.

……..But you and I, Polly, we keep returning
…… spectres and revenants, to these
……..cliché ideas my editor would tell me lie
…… to the moon and nature on ‘the list’.

If your whole world is a succession of
demons, a parade of the demonic, then
what else are you to do but embrace
the stereotype and feed the poltergeist?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 4

The reason of the reason of the reason of the reason of the reason
that the reason of the reason doesn’t seem to exist

Witchcraft and kittens
…………….the moon
……………………the ghosts
…………………………..the horizon at sunset
the sunsets in to the horizon by the sea
people drink light pink drinks which smell of sweet perfume to forget about the demons
but they don’t realise the demons come out more through the spiral straws


…………….bright colours!

these people like the smell of birthday candles, drinking cups of tea in unbelievable masses and freshly cut grass. ???

demons embrace the better half of these stupid people.
Demons are

…………….demons are

demons are demons

our demons

one day a pterodactyl will be born again and show these people what good their demons can truly bring.

Ghosts only haunt if they hate what their former selves have become.

And so I haunt myself so my ghost can finally be at peace.

– GFOTY/Polly-Louisa Salmon

Question & Answer 3 – Niall Bourke

Question 3

What’s your vice, Niall?
Where are your excuses?
Coffee was always my father’s excuse:
…… miss a birth,
…………….to miss dinner,
……………………to miss the target,
even though

When we sat upright at the
we spoke downright

And now I drink too much coffee.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

I’ve woken in the hallway
with a carpet in my mouth,
I hear my housemates ranting
I can tell they are put out,

I feel the beer-angst spiders
spindle slowly up my spine,
booze-guilt blue amnesia
after the second skin of wine.

I told my girl I loved her,
though I’ve known her just a week,
and I think I fought a copper
and he knocked out half my teeth,

I verbally massaged a cabbie
with amazing shafts of wit
but in the light of morning
A spoonerism seems more fit.

I spent a solid fortune,
I lost my bloody phone
I ate my fecking wallet
I left my keys at home

So I had to wake my flat mate
by throwing pebbles up to knock
upon his bedroom window.
But the pebble was a rock.

And when the door was opened
he was further unimpressed,
as I lay there, stripped half bare
and pissing down the steps.

I staggered to my bedroom –
but I never reached my bed
because I fell over on the landing
and cracked my frigging head.

Now I’ve woken in the hallway,
I’m due in work by ten,
there’s a cunty carpet in my mouth
and I’ll never drink again.

– Niall Bourke

Question & Answer 1 – Cyrus Parker

Question 1

Two miners,
an argument
and us.

Heaven frozen
over. A
cartwheel over
garden wall.

The bulk of my
Glimpses of sun
amongst burns
on a triangle.

The bulk of yours,
A flash of
a white wall,
two school

on the graves
of a nun
[a suicidal

and a stone’s
throw from

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

my memories?
a blinding
white blanket
stained with inky tendrils,
watching, waiting,

for the souls
of those
foolish enough
to test
my kindness,

the false prophet had to
for that is the price
of knocking
on my door.

the boys,
oh, those boys.
they too
had a
to pay.

herein lies
the difference;
the priest
my power,
yet offered no sacrifice.

the boys
sought only to
what they needed,
yet offered a sacrifice:
all for one.

– Cyrus Parker

Question & Answer 1 – Mahogany Browne

Question 1

Do you write outside poetry?
I’m currently working on a screenplay,
and some essay for a course I see as a necessary
evil, and have thirty odd ideas for novels
I know I’ll never write.

The screenplay is a horror
flick, some broken dream based on my time
as a submariner – a period I try to forget
by talking about it every Thursday,

talking about the SONAR suite,
my hate for nuclear weapons, and the radiation
of a lack of a consent still pressed tight

…and time’s up, my screenplay is no further
along, I’m bawling in the street
and I still wish I had found the emotion
in a father-son road trip script

that never panned out.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

If I can write
I do

If I can write
I do

Today, there was a poem waiting to be picked up, dusted off
shined real good.

And all I could do was answer emails.
I found you there, waiting to be seen
waiting to be seen
If I can write
I do

If I can write
I do

If I cannot write
I scour the lines of my face
look for my mother’s daughter
look for my father’s regret
look for a way into the maze:
the place where I lose all the men I love

– Mahogany Browne

Question & Answer 2 – Anthony Desmond

Question 2

Did you know
there is evidence of salmon
with the rings of trees?
And you could swim upstream,
declare a war against
the currents – tides are suggesti
ons not reason to follow rules a
nd regulations. Break the dynam
ic of the twenty four hour news
cycle. Our ears are not trained t
o kill the demons of other peopl

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

I also mimic a bear—
knowledgeable of
the remnants of fish
amongst my progress.

The smell is pungent
like the breath of those
who smile in my face
and talk shit behind
my back.

– Anthony Desmond