<p style=”text-align:left;”>As part of an experiment to subvert expectations of interviews, I decided to attempt to try to interview people in the form of poetry. Whether this would work or not, I wasn’t sure, but I set off on my mission to see what would happen.

The results were fascinating. Poets taking part include:<br>
Carrie Adams,<br>
Jeff Alessandrelli,<br>
Verity Annear,<br>
Stephanie Barber,<br>
Simon Barraclough,<br>
Charlie Baylis,<br>
A. K. Blakemore,<br>
Siddhartha Bose,<br>
Niall Bourke,<br>
Zoë Brigley,<br>
Mahogany Browne,<br>
Amanda Butler,<br>
Sarah Cave,<br>
George Elliott Clarke,<br>
Daniel Roy Connelly,<br>
Emily Critchley,<br>
Anthony Desmond,<br>
Jennifer Edgecombe,<br>
Safia Elhillo,<br>
Lauren Elkin,<br>
Andrew Fentham,<br>
Sage Francis,<br>
James Franco,<br>
Cal Freeman,<br>
Kate Gale,<br>
GFOTY/Polly-Louisa Salmon,<br>
Emma Hammond,<br>
Janet Holmes,<br>
Melissa Lee-Houghton,<br>
Amanda Johnston,<br>
Devin Kelly,<br>
Luke Kennard,<br>
Theophilus Kwek,<br>
Amanda Lovelace,<br>
Rupert Loydell,<br>
Tiege Maddison,<br>
Sabrina Mahfouz,<br>
Daniel Owen,<br>
Cyrus Parker,<br>
Robert Peake,<br>
Cheryl Quimba,<br>
Dean Rhetoric,<br>
Eric Sigler,<br>
Lavinia Singer,<br>
Jon Stone,<br>
Ross Sutherland,<br>
Todd Swift,<br>
George Szirtes,<br>
Angela Topping,<br>
Max Wallis,<br>
Kimmy Walters,<br>
Stu Watson,<br>
Phillip B. Williams,<br>
Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib,<br>
Rebecca Wolff,<br>
Luke Wright,<br>
Mark Yakich.<br>
Mike Young,<br>
<p style=”text-align:right;”>- Aaron Kent</p>