About Aaron Kent

Aaron Kent is a screenwriter and poet.
For more info: @GodzillaKent (Twitter) or email: aaronkent1989@gmail.com
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Areas of expertise
2017 – Flock feature film in development.
2017 – St Day Road film screened at The Poly, Falmouth.
2016- Pavor Nocturnus: Feature film script completed, in development with LA-based production company.
2016- Acts of Kindness: Feature film script completed.
2016 – Charlie: Feature film script completed, in consideration with production company.
2015- Edits: First TV show optioned. Will be pitched to Channel 4 – October 2016.
2015 – Case study of Max Borenstein: Case study on Godzilla (2014) writer Max Borenstein.
2015 – Map, Or The Inevitable Realisation That Life Is A Perpetual Trauma Machine: Short film – Writer and director.

Poetry & Writing
2018 – Poetry collection – Blood Fjǿrd ’89 to be published by Eyewear.
2017 – Poetic Interviews longlisted for Saboteur Awards 2017.
2017 – Debut poetry collection – Tertiary Colours: A Post-Traumatic Verse to be published by Eyewear.
2017 – St Day Road film screened at The Poly, Falmouth.
2016 – Featured on Ross Sutherland’s Imaginary Advice podcast.
2016 – Released St Day Road short film. To be screened by Poly in Falmouth.
2016 – Began poetry collaborations with various poets including Sage Francis, James Franco, Ross Sutherland, Simon Barraclough, Luke Wright, Angela Topping, Emma Hammond, Amanda Lovelace, Rupert Loydell, Emily Critchley and Siddhartha Bose.
2016 – Began poetry collaboration with Academy award nominee, and published poet, James Franco.
2016 – Short story accepted by Weasel Press. Poem accepted by Butcher’s Dog Magazine.
2016 – Joined Telltales.
2016 – Poetry booklet published by SmallMinded Books.
2016 – Published in Nerve Damage anthology by Analogue Flashback
2016 – First poetry collection accepted for publication by Eyewear Books.
2016 – St Day Road poetry series in production as an experimental film and gallery showing.
2015 – Released Zach Jackson’s first poetry collection. Released a collection of poetry by Jodie Matthews.
2015 – Performed at Port Eliot festival.
2015 – Performed poetry for Apples and Snakes, and Telltales.
2014 – Started own publishing press: I Came Here Looking For A Fight
2014 – Performed at Port Eliot, St Ives Literature Festival, Daily Telegraph’s Ways with Words, and Hall for Cornwall.
2013 – Awarded a Distinction in Poetry at the Cornwall Music Festival.

2018 – Blood Fjǿrd ’89 poetry collection via Eyewear
2017 – Subsequent Death novel via zimZalla
2017 – Tertiary Colours: A Post-Traumatic Verse via Eyewear
2016 – ‘Florida – Kokura, 1945’ poem published in Butcher’s Dog magazine.
2016 – Pamphlet and debut poetry collection accepted for publication by Eyewear Books.
2016 – ‘Unpipydyn’ poem in Arhcbishop Makeshift anthology. Short story ‘Windsor Knot’ published in Weasel Press’ Beat edition.
2016 – ‘///Sirens///’ poem in Nerve Damage anthology. 4 manifestos for International Times.
2016 – Leaving Ghosts on Pikkutrapp, booklet published by SmallMinded Books
2016 – ‘Correspondence’ poem in Tower Journal. ‘Heirlooms’ poem for Headstuff.
2015 – 13 poems for International Times.
2015 – ‘Fukk Artt’ poem in Bitchin Kitsch October issue.
2013 – ‘There is a Poverty Line’ poem in Ramen Music Magazine. 4 poems in Lady Chaos Press.
2012 – ‘Fair and Equal Society’ poem in Twist My Words. ‘Alight’ poem in In The Gesture of Words.

“His wit, intelligence, opinions struck me immediately. [His writing] was not only good but possessed a keen and distinctive authorial voice – a rarity even in experienced writers. It has been refreshing to stay in touch with Aaron and watch his talent develop and evolve, and I truly believe he’s primed to ‘pop’ quite soon.” –  Screenwriter (Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017)) Max Borenstein

“There’s darkness. There’s dirt. There are snakes and there are demons. On the surface, this collection of poems seems like a vodka-induced nightmare. But at its core, Tertiary Colours is the untold story of trauma begging you with every page to unravel its intricate parts and let it be heard. And when it is, the walls bleed.” Goodreads Choice Awards – Best Poetry winner, Amanda Lovelace (The Princess Saves Herself in this One)

‘Like haibun, [Kent’s] poems take us through a journey punctuated by a dazzling, concise moment to contemplate. Yet rather than an external voyage, we arc through controlled fury, gnashing grief, and, ultimately, love. Kent shows us what it means to look into the self, its depths. Dare to take this journey. You will emerge with a different head.
– Poet, Robert Peake (The Knowledge)

“I state with confidence that Aaron has a lot to write about and has a natural ability to develop stories for the screen. He draws on his own vivid experiences and his energized views of the world around him and beyond. His work is character led with a strong sense of place and I found myself quickly drawn into his world.” – Academy Award winner, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Lecture at Falmouth University, Jane Pugh

“Aaron Kent’s Tertiary Colours is at once frenetic and fine-tuned, raw and refined, excoriating and exhilarating” – Man Booker Prize nominated author, Wyl Menmuir (The Many)

“the revolutionary spirit of KRS-One with a cadence that’s one part Allen Ginsberg, one part Talib Kweli.” – Associate Professor, and founding director of the Laboratory for Race & Popular Culture, University of Colorado, Boulder, Adam Bradley

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – Film Studies / English Literature and Poetry (Truro College, 2016 – 2017)

Master of Arts (MA), Film and Television (Falmouth University, 2015 – 2016)

Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Literature with Creative Writing (Falmouth University, 2012 – 2015) upper 2:1.
                                         BA Dissertation: American representations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Films of Godzilla.