A Year Of Poetic Interviews! 

A year ago today I started the Poetic Interviews website, and began with a wonderful Q&A1 with Simon Barraclough. In the time since, I have had the pleasure of taking part in a poetic dialogue with such amazing poets as Siddhartha BoseRoss SutherlandAmanda LovelaceEmma HammondEmily CritchleyDaniel Roy ConnellyLuke WrightLuke KennardJeff AlessandrelliSarah CaveCharlie BaylisRupert LoydellCyrus ParkerDean Rhetoric, and tonnes more.

The project started 6 months before I started the site with a 5 question Poetic interview with James Franco, which I hope to publish before the end of the year, and has since come to include over 70 poets. In the time since beginning the project u have earnt a masters degree, a pgce, got a full time lecturing contract, got married, became a father, moved house 3 times, donated bone marrow, had one book published and another accepted (due 2018/19), and met a whole load of wonderfully creative people.

Poetic Interviews is tough to run, it requires me to write a lot of poetry with no editing or drafting process, to run the site singlehandedly, and to find new poets to get involved. All the while trying to work on my own projects and promoting the site via Twitter etc.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, shared the work, or just read a post they’ve liked. The next step is to scout out potential publishers for a best of anthology.

Thank you again, you all rock.

– Aaron Kent (@GodzillaKent)