Question & Answer 1 – Caseyrenée Lopez

Question 1

I killed the idea of a three
person standoff when my
ghost sat watching in a diner,
on the interstate. Tore

through the parking lot
in my grandest, finest
moment, bleeding my soul
into winter’s dead sky. Wept

in the taxi with the illumin
ati. Have you ever taken
the last boat home? The
sea still knocks on my door.

I kissed the turf and found all
those tangerines offering
a release from my structur
ed blue jersey.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

as with most things, i love the sea, but it doesn’t love me back
i love the blue-green-green-blue water, the seafoam churning,
bubbles glistening and melting under the heat of the sun

when the boat rocks and waves crash, i tremble,
my body isn’t stable enough, can’t answer the door
when someone knocks, or taps, or rings, or cries

as with most things, i don’t believe in ghosts, but i swear i saw one,
once when i was 6, and lived in the bad part of town with my
unwed mother, infant sister, and the ghost of an old woman

there were needles scattered all over the wooden floor when we moved in,
everyone insisted the old woman was a diabetic, but there’s no mistaking
the lingering stench of heroin for the sterile clean smell of insulin

– Caseyrenée Lopez