Question & Answer 4 – Carrie Adams

Question 4

The web you built has found itself
in coils around the back of my hand
as I try to construct meaning from
the little spiders crunching through
their mother out of the corner of
my eye in the spaces where the
window meets daylight and don’t
you think it’s nice to be told you’re
special by somebody even if that
person wears your clothes and your
smile and brushes your teeth
in your mirror at night?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 4

I gave up the idea of special
I woke up tired
and wanting to believe takes so much work
I can just live the loneliness
I send postcards across town
to my old address
Look at that afternoon sky of self-induced grief
Look at the knot letting go
slowly slipping with each step
These webs, these coils, each
have a name
The giver giving up

– Carrie Adams