Question & Answer 2 – Dean Rhetoric

Question 2

In reverse an autopsy is just
yspotua na
and that’s all there is to it
whether in D-Minor
or the miner
stood in the centre of the town
I grew up in
arms folded
born of the working class
fears we were all taught
to embody

Did I ever tell you how my dad
used to send me to school
telling me to tell my teachers
that Thatcher was the best thing
to ever happen to this country
and now all my school years
are tainted
with this weird
hatred I was made to embody
with a statement that feels
damp and hollow
like the stare
that evil iron lady
bore into the centre of my dad’s skull

This was before
he obsessed with David Icke
and lizard people
and angles to hit towers at
and bullet holes in truck doors
and climate change denial
and all of these other conspiracies
he force fed us until we spewed it all up
in front of the class
and our educators
as if some zombie spouting
and begging for anybody
to point us in the right direction

My teacher told me that sometimes
fathers need a mouthpiece
and I should research his words
and now I’m not sure who I’m angrier at
my father
or Thatcher
but I know I don’t have a nice thing to say about either.

– Aaron Kent


Answer 2

FILE – 51-

{illumin@ti f@ther @utopsy}

< ? P.F. Version”2.0″ encoding”R.I.P._I.Q.” ? >
< ! – – HP Search V2 30+1+1 – – >


<footage summary>

{a birth//a kidney bean with eyes//a sack of flour with a heartbeat}
{a death//a house//a body//looks content//when no one is inside}
{a child – an interruption – forever}


<file size O -01- In this American remake of his sleep
<file size U -02- paranoia leaves a basket at the front door
<file size T -03- a baby hurricane, cooing softly inside,

<file size C -04- a weaponised love song – fragile – irresponsibly held.
<file size O -05- Attached to the basket is a note: You were screaming
<file size M -06- and scratching through dreams again, grinding your
<file size E -07- lungs against the bedpost. Please find enclosed your

<file size T -08- carbon dioxide lovechild. [MONTAGE]:
<file size H-09- He falls asleep on a train and the baby starts to
<file size E-10- scream, limbs spinning wildly throughout the carriage.

<file size B -11- Have you ever seen an unpredictable infant of weather
<file size O -12- phenomenon shitting its pants? Begging to be changed,
<file size N -13- under the crippling migraine of minimum wage studio lights?
<file size E -14- Masculinity is a frightened child’s diagram of a throat
<file size S -15- pretending to be a map of the universe.

i have died in worse places than this I have died in worse places than this I have died in worse places than this i have died in worse places than this i have died in worse places

<installation – complete – copy diagram at own risk>


– Dean Rhetoric