Question & Answer 1 – Tom Jenks

Question 1

There were ley-lines
arching from where we stood
to where we were

– from birth to a
quicker deterioration of
cocaine – have you

pierced the ego of
your enemy and found
yourself in the waste? –

I knew ways to avoid that
deviated septum, to nod at stories
set in Liverpool – how to

kill boredom killing
reality – snorting
yourself to an early grave

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

the ley line passes over the Mersey
between blue and black recycling bins
the druids in their silver shoes
deep in confidential waste
the tall one works in Quality Save
the middle one is a snookerer
but the little one he is the wise one
you know it by his ceramic gong
he fix your bendy nose with magick
and give you advice with a sugared waffle:

“keep your friends close
but your enemies in Costa”

– Tom Jenks