Question & Answer 3 – Lavinia Singer

Question 3

I’ve buried heaven
in your house.
Can you find it
amongst the webs?

I’ve lost my watch
near the river,
I hope it eventually
reaches the ocean.

I’ve grown old and broken
on my front porch
and read poetry
to demonic woodlice.

I’ve made vegetarian
fry-ups for my wife
and given ten percent
to our future.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

[Third quarter
Saturday 17 June 2017, 12.32]

I found it hanging, flared,
a hearing trumpet angled from the heavens.
Spineless white.

Like the bullet ant
or the dream root from the river
(divine within)

it is more than ornament.
For unruly children and buried wives,
one week given to grow.

Pressed, chewed – so sweet!
But to eat this hollow food is to leave
all hope for home.

– Lavinia Singer