Question & Answer 1 – S. J. Fowler

Question 1

Do you remember the photograph
you took of us all on the stairs in the Poly?
I’ve got the first flurry of winter
pressed against our backs

and a flash of a camera
slapping me across the face.
You pushed everyone above the bar
and I performed through the night

wondering when I got so unsightly.
I can’t watch the clip of that night
for fear that I’ll see the hunchback
of Notre Dame looking back –

broken eyed like two piss holes
in the snow.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

There was no night / The night you refer to was not a night / Nor was it possible as the opposite of a day / It seems your memory has more than it needs

There was no bar / The bar you refer to was not an object made in the world / Nor is it possible to remember / As Cornwall is gone, washed out into the water

There is no video that you haven’t seen / Can’t bring yourself to watch / For if you haven’t seen it Aaron …

Cornwall never was a place / A poem recalls a place / And kills it /:

You’ve lifted feelings with your actions / Not your poems.

(When I refer to you / I refer to myself)

– S. J. Fowler