Question & Answer 3 – Stu Watson

Question 3

As a teenager I used to think
of how to get home quickest
without being hit by a baseball
bat upisde my head;

but now I think of how
to get home the quickest
so I can see the glow and glory
of my wife and our (her) bump.

Don’t worry about the hive, Stu,
worry about the nectar,
the life blood & all that sweet,
disgusting, gross honey.

How did we let ourselves
become so sickly sweet?
How do we draw lines in the mud
with sticks we broke bones on?

My reflection carries weights
and arms itself with shoes
in the fear that my hometown
will cremate me and forget

to tie my laces.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

I once imagined that I’d seen
a scaly green reptilian hand
emerge from out the sodden marsh
sunk in beside my family’s land

I told a friend that we could catch
this creature and destroy it there
a reverie then gripping me
reality peeling into air

and I can still see his wide eyes
his baffled look of pure belief
and feel the power in my lie
that power granting not relief

but guilt, awareness that a shift
in tone can swing a person so
as to obscure the truth in mists
that veil all that they know

for me this is the honey of the hive
and also still the stick that swings against
the hive and cracks its brittle muddy walls
the lie is lastly bee eyes gasping
as the queen drops down and falls

so something rhizomatic, mixed
I find when what we want is pure
and unadulterated truth;
but I guess we’ll take it, why not, sure,
lest we from that pure truth go poor

– Stu Watson