Question & Answer 3 – Kirsten Irving

Question 3

I see giants the size of angels
and angels the size of small alleyways.
These are all we have to keep track
of the dark ages,
beside a collection of wells so intricately hidden
that they long to cure gout and depression.
This whole county is blue
and blew itself up.
Cornwall rode the lip you describe,
slid heavily into madness
and took all of our fields of wheat with it.
[cheap memes]
What do you do when you’ve defeated the moon,
and found four more waiting
just outside of your consciousness?
I read them Murakami
and create a cat that talks in tongues.
I have seizures in the night time
and stab the men who come for me.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

There was a little princess who lay dying
and wanted the moon, knew it would save her.
They gave her a moon of silver for her neck,
and she got better, knew it would grow back in the sky
like the thumbnail she held up to eclipse it.

There are plastic truths and there are granite truths.
There are conducting truths of copper (silver
carries faster, but costs far more) and there are
insulator truths in glass and rubber. They make
Things quieter, the view so much better.

– Kirsten Irving