Question & Answer 7 – Anthony Desmond

Question 7

My ancestors smoked their way
into the history books.
I went to school proud
to tell my teachers my dad
smoked sixty a day.
Eighty a day.
Perhaps even one hundred.

A kid threw a cigarette
from his car window
and I threw a banana skin
from mine.
His won’t deteriorate,
whereas mine will
feed the foxes.

Do you give back, Anthony?
Do you return to nature?
I’m still thinking
about that banana skin
and a comedy fall
by some Charlie Chaplin

– Aaron Kent

Answer 7

Amongst the trees,
I thought I could be
the same with all of them.
I thought I had to carry
the weight of the world
like a circus act.
My kindness was a show,
free for all to see the fool
whose love was like
a penny face up,
like a coin toss with
a double-faced nickel.
I was spent; my days
were currency in the
pockets of those who
forgot I needed light, too.

– Anthony Desmond