Question & Answer 5 – Jeff Alessandreli

Question 5

But you should be making a lot of money Jeff,
you should be rolling in metaphors
and dollar bills.
If I was rich I’d buy your books every day
and feed them to my students.
Watch the regurgitate your pain.

Three questions:

1. Have you ever counted Saturn’s rings?
[The answer to this should be in the form of a fairytale]
2. Do you wear odd socks?
[The answer to this should be in the form of an algebraic equation]
3. Have you ever seen Good Will Hunting?
[The answer to this should be ‘yes, it’s the best film ever made’]

– Aaron Kent

Answer 5

The funny thing about when you die is that nothing happens. Everything keeps responding and CC’ing and driving. Not you but everything. Occurrence is a lush orchard, thick with fruit. A severe tooth ache matters much more than death. Being that it does not exist, no metaphor for death exists. Money is not a type or kind of death.

1. Once upon a time Papa was a rolling stone that kept on going, launched blue cliffside into the solemn wide sea.

2. My socks are my thoughts and I wear both quietly extravagant.

3. “It’s not your fault It’s not your fault It’s not your fault”

– Jeff Alessandrelli