Question & Answer 1 – Dean Rhetoric

Question 1

I filled in a form to declare myself financially inept,
but not inept enough to order pizza.
The ford was run over by a white van man.
I didn’t make my own coffee:
Dan did:
We watched Good Will Hunting,
I wanted my wife to understand me better.
We watched Practical Magic,
my wife wanted to be a witch.
So we made bath bombs.
So we made more bath bombs.
The second batch worked.
Nobody wrote about the technical aspects of their exam work.
My mentor lost her tangle teaser.
I awoke without punching the air,
so I punched the air in delight.
So I punched the air in delight.
Punched the air in delight.
How was your day?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

I awoke to a swelling paradigm between my legs
and a hopefulness,
fake as English compliments.

A childhood memory had been ignored long enough
to grow facial hair,
in my sleep this pubescent

anecdote with a beard throws stones at my frontal lobe.
My bones have been
sneaking out through an untreated

scar to play with it in the mud. They return with
less calcium on
their breath, singing go fuck yourself

…..(in D- Minor)

I watched an autopsy scene in reverse to see if
beautiful things could
exist inside of cold, redundant objects.

The Lambs were silenced in dissolvable packets
of insecure weather and
It rained twice before breakfast inside of me.

When this starling of apathy dies, place Moth Pupa
alarms inside this throat
to test the baritone of its infected kitchen sink.

There’s no need to rush.

We have all the time in the world.

Louis Armstrong (1901–1971).

– Dean Rhetoric