Question & Answer 1 – Verity Annear

Question 1

I put Nick Cave on the turntable,
made bath bombs from stardust and galaxies.
My wife took iron and apirin.
I took blueberry muffin.
We watched the children next door shoot each other,
we watched the cafés refuse to take card payment,
we watched our ice pops freeze (never froze).
There were poets in the clothes store,
they argued over criticism, and criticised the critics.
Our appetites diminished,
a lot of pizza is never enough pizza.
I wanted a badge that read ‘Conservatives out, Corbyn in’
or ‘Get the Tory scum out’.
I bought a denim jacket.
I now wear a denim jacket.
I now wish I was James Dean.
And when we slept we dreamt of death.
How did your day go?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

I woke up and drank a diet shake,
Shaken not stirred by my mother,
I fell back asleep,
I did not brush my hair or teeth,
I discovered my own skin without foundation,
I noticed I have a mole on my back,
I jumped into my mother’s car,
We had a silent journey.
I realised that May 22nd is always sunny,
I thought that one day I should book my wedding on this day,
I thought of my Grandfather’s death,
I planned a visit to a yoga retreat,
I ordered a decaf, americano with soya milk,
It tasted vile, but my body will thank me later,
My friend shouted about Brexit on the bus,
I joined in and complained about the older generation,
I bought a top with cut out shoulders,
I burnt my shoulders,
I watched my step father peel back the sack over our house,
And finally, the sunlight moved into our home,
Like we had done over a year ago.
My day was like a croc, it fastly went out of fashion,
But at the end of the day, it was rather comfortable.

– Verity Annear