Question & Answer 6 – Daniel Roy Connelly

Question 6

Daniel, you’re all food without the recipe – how do I put these pieces together? Or am I even supposed to? Your anthropomorphised letters ring true to my medulla oblongata – see, I can do italics too, I can cook up meals and give you a spoon to eat the waste with. I love it because I feel like I’m in your house, in Rome, drinking stereotypes and eating clichés [I’ll have espresso and pizza, you’ll have a manuscript and two types of prosecco]. There are bees at the window, Daniel, and we’re being told to save them but how can we do that without wearing some sort of ‘I love bees’ bracelet? I think it’s probably time we stopped bullshitting and actually spoke. I’m Aaron, I pissed the bed until I was 12 when a nurse fitted an alarm to my pants that would go off if I began peeing at night. It worked within a week and the nurses were so happy that they bought me tickets to a theme park. The next day my mum gave those tickets away.

Your turn.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 6


I’m not one to keep things narrow,
I’m not here not to be known,
I pissed myself on the 64 bus
to The Vatican after an espresso, big deal,
to the Giallo Rossi bees: we can sit side by
side at my desk in Casaletto and watch the lot
of them cluster on the pains, swarm
enough here, 28 degrees this evening,
I’ll have some bracelets run up,
the bees will receive their full deserve,
bromance or what? You’re right:

when I was fifteen, my mother
accompanied me into the
paediatrician’s office to find
out why I wasn’t developing,
watched me undress, the cow,
lie on the stretcher-bed, him play
with my balls and ping
my virgin cock up and down in manual
a few times without wearing gloves,
Egon Schiele take a, Schiele take a bow,
I can’t imagine your mum…

that’s not one you walk away from sight unseen
that’s not one I’ve thought of since I was fifteen
I nearly almost FUCKING HATE YOU for that
I can’t because you are Aaron and like Daniel a

– Daniel Roy Connelly