Question & Answer 2 – Carrie Adams

Question 2

The tiniest places I know
exist in the borders of my flower bed,
my waste of time – shades – grows into weeds
in youtube weather documentaries.

There is still blu tac on the wall
where the last group hung
their educational psychology.
What would you stick there?

I cancelled hypnotherapy.
My wife was ill.
I panicked about false memories.
We had no car.
I ran to the shade.
I drew a picture of empty space.
I lived among the ants.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

Before the storm blew in
we were sticky in the door frames
trying to catch flight like spiders
on a gust of upward escape

What would you stick
like funnel clouds in the empty landscape
of my childhood
Some folks keep going back there

Convinced that the shade of memory
Can be removed one pinch of dirt at a time

– Carrie Adams