Question & Answer 6 – Anthony Desmond

Question 6

I wish I’d swung a baseball bat
at fluorescent lights –
tore the basement down.
Every day I fear being a disappointment,
and fear seeing my father’s face
in the back of spoon.

How do you cope
with genes you
wish you didn’t
have to wear?

Hum the song, Anthony,
find the lyrics
and turn your mirrors
back to sand.
Remind yourself of the hourglass
our fathers gave to us.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 6

The mirror has been love’s landscape,
as of lately, but droughts can leave
circles of weeds like a hole in a tray
of cigarette butts. This is where my
insecurities pool; the ashes of
my ancestors aren’t enough to
affirm my beauty in these moments.

– Anthony Desmond