Question & Answer 4 – Jeff Alessandrelli

Question 4

Last night
I tried
to hoard
the weighty
of your moon(!)

[B]ut the heaps
of never
in the heart
of our study
hung barbecued

in our cavernous
lungs (LIVER!)


Sweet little victories
reside in
discovery –
find the moon,
find Miles Davis,
find broken arms.

Don’t you despair
at family
gathering dust
under the tone[-]arm
of some old
broken turntable?

We never speak,
Jeff, we only talk.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 4

Q: Why don’t I make a lot of money?

A: You do not do what other people want. (A victory-less antihero, no?)

Q: What do they want?

A: Another person I hate is time, fatherly, in a family way, the discovery that you’re a different person from moment to moment, place to place.

Q: It’s a victory of some sort though, no? One gibboned with unintelligible despair and the physicality of relief. Age is a type of money. Allows the—

A: I do not want to grow old, gathering dust in my heart’s multi-chambered ventricles. Thousands of—

Q: You’ve an ego on you.

A: We only speak in these words and sentences. In a silent way, bluster isn’t talk.

– Jeff Alessandrelli