Question & Answer 2 – Devin Kelly

Question 2

Home for me is never home, Devin,
not even an idea of security or a lock
…… pick.

I like my bedroom to look devoid of life,
so when my wife is restless in sleep, dreaming
……..of our child

pressing her liver, I hear an audience
studying our every move, a standing ovation

in womb. It reminds me of all the luck I have
in this homeless home. Do you live with
……..all of your

mess, or do you build a lonely ark? I want
you to tell me the world is full of these
……..ghost rooms

and I’m not alone in filling it with two lives
in one. A beating heart beating a beating

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

There is only one light in my room though some nights
the moon’s pale glow comes twirling through the leaves.

Life is what is illuminated. The old coffee left molding
in the mug. The books, stacked & marked. Every day

I try to lessen my belongings I find myself longing
more. What do you keep with you & is it more than

what you keep beside? I know the body is a kind
of home, the heart full of chambers, the doors of us

opening to even more doors. Maybe we are each
in the other. In bed, before I turn my body into dark,

I make a catalogue of all that exists in light. Old clothes.
Notes. Pictures I haven’t framed. I want to believe

someone is watching always. That, for every night
I give in to dark, I am not alone. Maybe we each

live inside the other, a litany of nesting dolls, our bodies
holding the other, one-by-one, through the hours.

– Devin Kelly