Question & Answer 5 – Anthony Desmond

Question 5

I never think of Tom Petty
when I hear ‘Free Fallin’ –
no, instead I see Tony
Soprano, driving the Jersey
Turnpike, fever dreams and
dead friends.

The sun overheard, the shade
of cigarette ash mixed
in blood, kept under the eye
of a yak. No life left to
watch distractions or
murder his

skin cells. Culture sometimes
steals culture. Words sometimes
eat cinema. I sometimes wish
I was more ‘me’. Do your senses
lead you astray? Do you find songs
in scenery?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 5

First times and faces I don’t care
for anymore carry the tune
in certain songs. My life is an
instrumental while I hum for
the moments I’ll never forget
including regrets, a couple
swings I wish I would’ve taken
or days I didn’t fear being
a disappointment.

– Anthony Desmond