Question & Answer 5 – Charlie Baylis

Question 5

I think you are sleeping closely behind
two racers in a small visual cinematic experience,
where Magyar flows from duvet to duvet
to dead.

How can flies be astronauts?
Whether space is plasma or a tsunami,
whether Fred Astaire glitters dynamite
into the void left by Nancy Sinatra,
it’s all irrelevant in the grand scheme
of things.

I’ll call your name Charlie,
and hang it to dry amongst the salt
caves in Austria.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 5

jean rhys smokes a cigarette on a dominican beach
………..walsh and ambrose tear through the middle order
………………….demerara sugar dissolves in melissa tea

my name is really aaron kent and i wear a red coastline round my neck
your name is really charlie charlie and you dance up the stem of a wildflower
x’d out by the bounce of a bright white ball

your questions are a hymn to aroma of rum on the trade winds
or in tribute to the astro noughts left behind on the polka dot
on missions to return nancy sinatra’s perm from mars, all this may be irrelevant

but somehow it is beautiful
i sleep on clouds made of guacamole and happiness pills
journey into the upside down where i see you
humming the lost languages of the inuits
washing the outer hebrides into my inner thoughts
with my questions and all of your answers…

jean rhys smokes melissa on a dominican beach
………..walsh and ambrose tear through a packet of cigarettes
………………….demerara sugar dissolves in the middle order

i do not know what
i am here for………………….but if anything

i am here for you.

– Charlie Baylis