Question & Answer 2 – Jeff Alessandrelli

Question 2

Somme / ambulance / somnambulant
lock my eye / I / Kendrick’s butterfly
my room / our room / room to breathe
brother / sister / hidden in Redruth
quality assurance / has no definition / blank
prozasin / promethazine / weird dreams
do you / Jeff / dream of words
a rainbow / cut open / sharpened knife
the charms / rock our genes / in fitful sleep
this world / I love / Elliott saying yes
map / maap / maapmaap
drawing crosses / kross’d sleep / krossdeath
fade the pixels / picture melts / pictorial
häfttack / cover me in tacks / pins and needles
valerian / valium / vahalla

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

To be alive
is to fetishize

its invisibility, present
only in its absence. Mapping
the months, Gregorian

calendars were once
sun-drenched Mayans

were once nameless
nations skipping stones
across every lake’s surface,

counting the instants
between each eternity’s
flightly stutter.

(Darkly, I’m sleepwalking
in a daydream
comprised solely of nightmare.

And blood,
I’m addicted
to my blood.)

The Yeah Yeahs
backing Kendrick Lamar
opening up for Elliot Smith—

Just because I imagined it
doesn’t mean
it didn’t happen.

(Kris Kross, Kris
Kross, Daddy
Mack, Mack Daddy.)

– Jeff Alessandrelli