Question & Answer 1 – Lavinia Singer

Question 1

Ours is not the result of Theia
nor the comparison between
a closed fist on one side of a
map and two natural satellites
hovering over Orwell’s Japan.

Young’s old Gods are ever-
present on Rhea, plotting to
manipulate Titan, and we wait
on train times, hand held on
a journey to fling my stem cells

across the Atlantic to a shadow
dancing in the heart of Texas.
Our sacrifice is simple, give
birth to an animal or give birth
to ourselves. And all we want

are crows, the size of houses.
Where do we mark our mass
on a map? A cross to show we
were here, or some work to
leave a voice on a grave? I

swore we saw Chiron, once,
in the cancer-tinted corner of
a streetlight. We kept it quiet,
gave Goldschmidt his victory.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Monday 3 April 2017, 19.39


I recognise the symptoms

lex parsimoniae

Left | right……..Set | rise


At first sight: could we be mistaken?


(a kind of paradise)

– Lavinia Singer