Question & Answer 1 – Stu Watson

Question 1

There are two flies
perpendicular to each other
in the crema on this espresso
and each is telling sweet lies
in the form of riddles.

Parallel universe theory
dictates that both flies
are in a different drink
perhaps soup or water
in a different world…

…and perhaps you and I,
Stu, are applying
a different sheen to the surface
of our language
and coating it in Magyar

or German or Arabic.
Am I the result of my language
or vice versa? Are there two
flies, not sailors,
because an English joke demands?

A barista brings a coffee over,
‘excuse me, sir, what are these
sailors doing in my drink?’
‘Praying for a God
who doesn’t exist, or so it seems.’

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

If one is Descartes’ fly,
set down upon a ceiling grid,

and the other is Hugo’s
ecstatic memory of God

the each, one can suppose,
would rather not be pinned

whether nailed down fast before the eye
or lifted toward futurity.

But what one knows
of flies of course colludes

and frames the answers we might beg
of them, unspeaking in their flyness,

stayed quietly like a Wittgensteinian lioness
content to be but in the dryness,

content to feel the warmth
off its rubbed together leg.

– Stu Watson