Question & Answer 1 – Kate Gale

Question 1

My connaissance des temps / our obligation
to Newtonian physics / leaves a great dark
spot on the back of my / me / we don’t exist
in the tropopause / we should marry in the rear
of a jet stream / force ourselves through /
under / over solar radiation / Polar / Ferrel
/ Hadley / I remember the volatile moments /
jot them / ephemerides of the screaming / waiting
for Thursdays to fire balloon it all /all / all /
break apart the shell / nest / scars / we don’t argue
in the way I was raised / there are no raised fists /
raise a glass to shouting matches / do you /
Kate / find a vacuum / between the Bermuda
Triangle and the Arctic / there are skulls
in treasure chests / lining the beaches of
Coastal paths / I still can’t bring a hammer /
to the chest / replace solar time / for ephemeris
time / for that time I shut the curtains / refused
to leave until / birds / owls / moths / fell

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Raise a glass to freedom/raise a glass,
That’s all they want/to raise a glass
I have poured the wine /carried it from the cellar
In the cellar/ bats, vermin, live things,
Rodents and snakes/in the cellar there is freedom
I have stomped out the grapes/made wine
Spoil the child/bring down the wooden rod
Down across the back of freedom/the rod says no
You! I mean you!/Get over here you ungrateful
We didn’t land on the moon/we couldn’t have survived
The radiation/between the Bermuda triangle
And the arctic/vast numbers of fish, seabirds
Strangled by oil/plastic, human waste
Bring a hammer to the old/way of pounding
Out of the earth whatever/we need from it
Or go live on the moon/you’d think we’d have
A colony there by now/or a Pizza hut
Freedom from what?/to what?
To trample grapes/to eat moon pizza.

– Kate Gale