Question & Answer 1 – Daniel Roy Connelly

Question 1

I am not drowning in waves of delta sleep,
or pulling myself through the streets
still half-asleep and begging for jumpers
for goalposts.

I am not catholic dreaming.

Are you crossed to your bed?
I try to sacrifice myself to the owls,
and the moths,
while I wait without grace
for the world to fade into espresso gold,
and bring my wife back from the terrors
whispering charms,
whispering safety,
whispering light.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

You commence with what you are not.
This tells me things about you.
Looking at the options you must be pretty relieved.
You won’t get more than one crowd-catch in a lifetime, Aaron.
Don’t spill your pint for half the world to see.
To think we could have met in a pub for Guinness and chatted
cricket or even rugby and never have known the other
had compacted things to say about delicate subjects when alone.
I know what it is you’re talking about.
Like you, I get stuff done.
A really good way to bring your wife back is the change of season.
Trouble is, hate to break it, I don’t want to piss all over your Spring,
you seem a giver of alms who wouldn’t deserve it, but cherry blossoms
are laced with something nasty this year. Is there an emoji for that?
Sometimes I am crossed to my bed but for different reasons.
I know what it is you are talking about, we’ve all got holes in our buckets,
Aaron, it’s all right, fire away, tell us what you mean to say.
I hope my next response comes clean as this.
I also writhe inside a claw of sadness.

– Daniel Roy Connelly