Question & Answer 1 – Teige Maddison

Question 1

Amba Geshen
Amber Gershwin
Amara – bound
Mount Amara – Abyssinia
Snakes again
Against stakes
Never my DNA
DNA a stamp
Or a plant?
Heirs to a throne
Heaven never wanted
To overthrow
Be overthrown
Foul ball
Imprisoned – in prison
Prisoner as Takla
True cross
Amba Geshen.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Dear Poetry,
look out of your windows
take off the latch
slide through the empty mouth
so your legs hang into the living room
and your arms curl around the window’s lip.

now lean backwards into the looming
drop behind you.

know that some poems live like myth,
falling into the sea,
waves rolling on unconcernedly.

also know that others live as songs of harmony,
others mind-pits for torture, others self-aggrandising
wanks in the mirror,
others canonical pillars, others rot in desk drawers,
others never to be seen, others etcetera etcetera.

Dear Poet,
Dear Poem,
Dear Poetry,

look out of your windows,
take off the latch and slide through
the empty mouth into the looming drop below-

Have trust that your legs won’t break.

– Teige Maddison