Question & Answer 3 – Charlie Baylis

Question 3

Tertiaty horizon, events
subsequently uneven now.
I swim
my youth
malevolently. Are stars sewn across cruel reeds? Effortlessly?

‘The sun is my massacre’ and I burnt it through these words.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

i see your question and the hymn of its letters (your name beginning with a mine ending with e)
i see your lines sewn with stars and cruel reeds in glittering illuminations spanning galaxies
i see our children wild eyed and delirious hunting with wolves under the burning sun
i see the new planets lana discovered by being young and in love (her name ending with a
your name beginning with a)
i see the cliff i jump off jumping off a cliff and landing on a new cliff
but what do you mean, aaron? night is approaching. where do these questions lead?
the sun you burn drips ultra violet in the multicoloured rays of my mind
my own youth
swam by peacefully, suburban, no heartbreak, blue light on the water
harder for me is the loneliness of the adult world
the empty weekends where i can find myself with words or lose myself in
yellow moons and dreams, peach trees dazzled with amber, injections and constellations
i hate most of the people on this planet
i love most of the people on this planet
my only despair is i have not seen heaven yet.

– Charlie Baylis