Question & Answer 2 – Charlie Baylis

Question 2

I can’t speak my own tongue, Charlie,
can’t form Kernowek syllables
with the barely one percent of
my identity who can. I am a failure
in a family of Brittonic stalwarts.
Do you feel that link to your home?
I am carved from granite in the Red
Ford, chiselling in Three Roads, but
will never walk the mines from
the Court of the Crossroads to the
Holy Headland.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

i try not to think about success
or failure: sharks circle the city
my mouth fills with snow
when the world ends i will leave wearing my hat

do i feel a link to my home? no, aaron, no
i’m lost in channel orange as the taps run cold
i’m in warsaw watching the skaters on the vistula
spiralling backwards like decommissioned satellites

allow me to rephrase: how much do you want for that red ford?
for the memories that made you you?
i’ll swap a sweet summers evening in the parks of paris
for the silver knife pointing at my back

a fine mist smothers the sodium street-lights
i try not to think about success or failure
………………………………………..though often I find I do

– Charlie Baylis