Question & Answer 3 – Amanda Johnston

Question 3

I spent too long today
trying to convince a student to write
about drug deals
and not bank robberies –
and find a comedic twist ending.
Because the whole screenwriting class
only find interest in three things:
suicidal love stories

…and I want to tell them there is more to all of this than that. There are fragments of lives lived under microscopic moments of hope, and loves found in the sweetest of arc, tearing dreams from the skulls of unicorns. But how do I convince them of glory when they’ve seen the wrong men take power, countries choose to self-destruct?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

I offer this small space I hold in the world.
I know my body
is a border to be crossed.

I pray the crossing be welcomed with consent.
I open my chest,
shrikes flutter about

the dying tips of limbs, fingers numb from digging
tunnels out, a way in,
without light.

I reach into the darkness to what I think is the end
and feel another’s hand pull me
deeper into flight.

– Amanda Johnston