Question & Answer 6 – Rupert Loydell

Question 6

I never know what words to build
into brick, wet walls, when my
trauma has healed. Where to place
punctuation, when my mouth
is void of exclamation
marks. What questions to field
when I’ve trimmed the bark
and triggered synthetic
sunshine from unexpected
punchlines. What ways to kill
my angels when my demons
are avenged and descend.
What good is a poet when
he has no reason to write?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 6

No use at all.

But words
are always
enough reason
to keep on.

I have never
run out of
ways and means
and processes.

And trust me
I think there are
too many poets
and poems
in the world
all of no use.

That’s our charm.

– Rupert Loydell