Question & Answer 2 – Emily Critchley

Question 2

That halogen moon has rung me at midnight
and drunkenly left a voicemail
on loop through the darkness.

Do you ever answer?

I’m drowning in spirits
because I know the nights are longer
and wilder
than any will to sleep

the sun finally breaks the horizon wide open
like a high five for all the tired sailors

– you made it through the night –

all we have
are colours
and synonyms.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2
For Marianne Morris

Everything is a part of everything which is a part of everything else.
& any decision is like a huge moon
tossed from the top of a great hill. It gathers speed
in direct proportion to height
taking each prisoner down with it.
It & the tides.
And when we were younger
things dropped
were as stones
into that ocean. But now
just as the moon gapes we have run out
of ideas.

Everything is a part of everything else
that is a part of nothing.
The moon moves. Cuts its paper teeth
on our regretful actions. Like that time
we made bombs out of love. Live
bombs sent to rip us with.
& she grew, O,
into a strong one.

But look, if you see
the moon
it is what I drew
there is still some hope then.

– Emily Critchley