Question & Answer 1 – Eric Sigler

Question 1

‘De Stella nova in pede Serpentarii’

She turned the brightness up for fourty weeks
like a Kepler Supernova multiplied by thirteen
and a bit – rough math. Waiting impatiently for
a new star to arrive, a future for some broken
vase. She was the superglue to put me back
together, the broken parts wound tight in her
womb. I am prepared to be great. In what ways
do you find reasons to kill demons? To find glory?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

I stood before the motion of the skies
waited for the sun to wash the stars
from every memory the moments whispered.
Had I not been there once- before all eyes
had seen what others saw- the death of Mars-
the earth he flattened rounded, edges curved,
and Kepler’s ‘Star’ now in the pantheon,
washed up on the shores of Galilee,
giving birth to faith, to light the blind….
New hope would be the essence of ambition
to cast the tides of war into the sea,
and fish into the nets of Cosmic Mind
the parody of peace, the trust of love,
the intimations outward and within,
that some bright star will follow what we see,
that even as we answer, as we move,
we find the outer spaces of emotion-
the human element that’s forged in fire-
the star that stokes this godless funeral pyre.

– Eric Sigler