Question & Answer 2 – Amanda Lovelace

Question 2

I’m bleeding robusta in slow-wave
sleep, burning my parchment coat
into the sand of Budapest. Dancing
eyes in my kitchen, perhaps some
jövendölés to fade young, with no
crema. Is it possible to sleep your
way to an early grave? I float upon
the Danube’s silver face, searching
for the wedding ring my ancestors
lost in Hungary’s tear. I find rapid
eye movement as a crippled wreck,
pure love by chance, by soul, by life.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

the internet stranger man-boy loaded with
rehearsed bedroom eyes, arctic wolf smirks,

& dark roast breath says to me, “you’re
too young to be so tired. you can sleep when

you’re dead, darling.” in the air above his head, i
edit his words to turn them into something i

can actually agree with, the girl loaded with a
disinterest she can’t hide, three sweaters that can’t

stop the shivering, & a parent-shocking secret (a
never-sterile razor taped to the bottom of her mattress).

“you can sleep when you’re wish to be
dead, darling.” perfect.

– Amanda Lovelace