Question & Answer 5 – Rupert Loydell

Question 5

Whether a blue
or a blur,
in the eye
or I,
each decision must
or presume
that the reader
cares about the choice.

I read your beginnings
as tempted to a poetry group
by Brian Louis Pearce.
I wrote
before being welcomed,
but wrote
It wasn’t until you
burst my bubble

and helped me kill
my darlings,
that I felt I even cared
which words to use.
Do you feel you’ve played
that role in any other
lives? Or had that
role performed
for you?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 5

Brian was a sweet man
and we were friends
until he died. He taught
me about syllabics,
modern art, how to
see with a writer’s eye.

I’m sorry I burst
your bubble but
it seems to have
worked out well.
Yes, many gave
me a hard time
about my work
and made me
start again.

Andy Brown arrived
in Exeter full of avant-
garde experiment;
Tony Lopez taught
me on my MA, and
I stopped writing
for a while because
it was all so new
and my head got
in a whirl.

If they pulled me
toward experiment,
the physicality of words,
then others since
have made me look
at content again –
how to rant and rave,
at love and the lyric,
how words sit with song.

I hope I’ve changed
writers’ lives, or
at least their writing.
I’ve published authors
who’ve gone on to
be famous, taught
student writers who
now have book deals.
I hope they have fond
memories, but it’s all
their own work I read.

– Rupert Loydell