Question & Answer 3 – Stephanie Barber

Question 3

A cat screeches near the window
as Avraham sets fire
to Avraham, dissonant genetics
stamped as ink into skin. Burn
your father, burn your Gods
at the stake. Are you an arsonist
in memory? I live in black and white
flames from some old B movie.

Outside a train approaches
with all the grace of a Tennessee
Williams play performed
by an abusive father. Everything
is phallic now, even my trees
are a representation
of the nights I spent
avoiding the stairs, the


– Aaron Kent

Answer 3

in the morning the gods boarded the train
kissed they’re half-god, half-mortal children
waved good-bye to the plains
(black and white; silver halides)
and headed west, sorrowful and drunk.

your own murderous departure
was brought into the foreground
for only a moment. like a thin french horn.

– Stephanie Barber