St Day Road

Aaron Kent’s St Day Road short film is available to buy from now.

As part of an experiment to examine childhood trauma, Aaron Kent wrote ten poems based on his memories of ten rooms in the house he grew up in. Following the Blood Fjord ’89 manifesto, Kent kept every draft of every poem.

These drafts were then recorded with various individuals reading the drafts of the poem, before Kent read the last ‘final’ draft of each poem. Dr. Lakata received these vocals and was tasked with creating a soundtrack, which he did wonderfully well.

Lina Helvik then set about creating a 20 minute short film to match the poetry. Using a variety of techniques, including hand-processed film, and modern slow motion technology, Lina created a true experimental wonderland.

These elements combined to produce the film ‘St Day Road’ – a look at memories, trauma, and childhood homes.

releases December 2, 2016

Words & Poetry: Aaron Kent,
Music: Dr. Lakata (David Creasman),
Director, sound recordist, editor: Lina Helvik.
Photography: Ida F Olsen & Lina Helik,
2nd sound recordist: Ryan Lang,
Producer: Aaron Kent, Lina Helvik,
Assistant Producer: Felcia Weston,
Vocals: Aaron Kent (titles, final drafts), Ida Olsen, Lina Helvik, Ryan Lang, Felicia Weston, Darren Mortimer, Carl Rowlinson.

With special thanks to: Emma Kennedy.
Thank you to: Frances Leake, Elizabeth Kennedy, Lee Pountney, Steve Bowyer, Philip Lyons, Sarah Perry, Marcus Williamson, Corella Hughes, John O’Regan, Rachael Jones, Hannah Boylan, Carl Rowlinson, Ahmed Alomari, Sho Redhead, Ella Kite, Rupert Loydell and Kingsley Marshall.