Question & Answer 4 – Robert Peake

Question 4

They performed a laparotomy, needed to give me
the dirt. Sixx Sixx Sixx, shouting at the devil
tearing my body apart. Peritonitis as an excuse
to ingest bass lessons, take track five from album
five before every meal. Symptoms may include
pen and paper. Treliske – to change my life. Has
your path ever altered? They could cut me open
every day, if this is the result.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 4

What I thought was a path turned out to be
where the river had abandoned its landscape.

The portcullis spikes slide into well-worn places.
How dark a red leaf, evacuated of chlorophyll.

Where is my mother? Her shopping trolley abandoned.
How bright the glint of a scalpel under surgical lights.

She reminds me to keep breathing, though my lungs
give back only sea-foam, specked pink with anemones.

What I thought was the path turned out to be
just this breath, and this breath, and this.

– Robert Peake