Question & Answer 2 – Robert Peake

Question 2

I would catch the fly
and live homeless on promised
land, across the Pacific

“Perserverance as novelty”
they suggested, “hobohemia
for the ages.” I’m not sure I

in Kansas, two taps, but I’d
like to give it a shot. How about
you? Where is home, your

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

The mist occludes my sight most mornings.
This does not mean I dwell within a cloud.

I have hungered for the desert, returned
to find an entirely new population of sand.

If Buddha dwells in the gap between thoughts,
who fixes His roof, who stokes the stove?

I have learned to love my thoughts, even when
they turn against me. Let me fold a paper boat

for us to float on puddles until swamped.

– Robert Peake