Question & Answer 4 – Rupert Loydell

Question 4

Let us be writers,
in the arc of the night
meeting morning,
waiting for Prynne’s first snow.
Why not any other pursuit?
Above all else I find
there is reason to calcify
all emotion
into ink
and pour it onto paper.
Let us be midwives.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 4

I don’t want
poetry as emotion,
it’s not empathy
and ego, it’s all
about language.

I don’t presume
my experience
is worth more
than anyone else’s,
try not to presume

at all. Midwife
to poems, perhaps;
but I have plenty
of other pursuits
to explore too:

paint and pencil,
music, boats,
real ale and
Wait for no-one.

– Rupert Loydell