Question & Answer 2 – Angela Topping

Question 2

My mind has been occupied with Frank’s cousin
and his mermaid. I heard wolves [or Wolves] in
the mix, while I don’t claim to see the future I
saw greatness in both record and recorded. If
I could sing, I’d scratch my poems onto the
inside of my lungs, find wings like yours and
bellow from parabronchi. How do you make
your poetry sing? I can’t even keep mine in

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

Rhythm is easy, iambic heartsong
slipsliding of trochees
complicated butter pats of anapests
being slapped into shape by grooved pine boards,
runaway train of dactyls clacking along
Scansion is the salve for grazes

but melody arises pianissimo, tentative
trying to find the right key, the phrase
that opens up the arc and soars
until each crotchet and quaver finds
where it belongs on the stave
and the cadence
moves on in inevitable flow
to a new beginning.

– Angela Topping